somebody help me identify this bug please

ezra daniel ezra_daniel at
Fri Nov 29 07:57:32 CST 2002


At work I use Lotus Notes under Wine.

I downloaded compiled and installed the new wine version 20021125 and I am 
no longer able to type accecented valves, like á é í ó ú.

Ñ can be typed though correctly.

With the other version 20021031 I could type accented valves.In fact I went 
back to using the older version and worked again so it is obvious it is a 
problem in the new wine version.

Though I am a newbie and know nothing of developing, but I would like to 
submit the bug to the proper person so it fixes it back again but I dont 
know which section of wine or person deals with this character typing 

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.


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