Winapi_check warnings

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Fri Nov 29 12:53:54 CST 2002

> Hi Patrik,
> I get these hundreds of warnings about "config.h":
> First of all, I think they are bogus. 

Not really, you haven't run ./configure on that tree have you?
winapi_check assumes that this is done, but I can fix it if
it irritates you.

> Second, if I specify the
> --cross-call-win32-win16 flag, I expect to see only the problems
> I am asking for, no? Shouldn't we silence all other warnings, if
> we ask for something in particular?

There is a --none option. 

winapi_check --none --cross-call-win32-win16

It doesn't always work though. Beware. However I fixed
--cross-call-win32-win16 to support with my last patch,
since I assumed somebody would ask. I was right it seems.

Presumably you want the --progress option on as well:

winapi_check --none --progress --cross-call-win32-win16

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