Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Fri Nov 29 17:40:23 CST 2002

Michael Sauer wrote:
> ...
> P.S.: sorry if this mail reaches the list twice, but the first one i send
> with some private e-mail address and the list moderator will (hopefully)
> erase it (as he does it every time).

Hmmm... since I am the moderator, I am a bit puzzled by that. On rare 
occasions I will reject a post, but always supply a reason. The only 
ones I "erase" are spam.

In any case, starting Saturday afternoon for about a week, I will be 
gone. Hopefully some of the other folks with moderator access will fill 
in, otherwise moderated posts are going to get stuck in moderator limbo 
for quite awhile.

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