Yet another D3D patch....

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Sat Nov 30 10:44:37 CST 2002

Lionel Ulmer wrote:

>>This patch breaks the TWIST demo that was working fine.
>>I think the changes in d3ddevice_create are responsible of that.
>Strange, it works fine here.. A bit slow when statistics are displayed (due
>to the locking of the D3DEVICE surface and thus needing a slow GL call like
>glReadPixels / glDrawPixels) but as fast as before when disabling them.
>But well, my tree has patches up to number 13 so maybe I broke something
>that was fixed later on (although I wonder what).
I applied your next patches (until 13) and it has been fixed. Cool... :-)
Statistics are not displayed for me and the 565 texture format looks 
But appart from that it's fine.

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