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Tue Oct 1 15:27:52 CDT 2002


Here is the ToDo's to put on the status page.
If anyone is aware of something that is wrong or out of place please
let me know .. If everything looks good I will call it Final..........

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Wine ToDo's as of  10/01/02 
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Window management:

    * Window management needs proper inter-process handling of
      activation, focus, repaint.

National Language Support:

    * Make sure ASCII functions call the Unicode one and not the other way around.
    * BiDi support
    * Add support for Hebrew and Arabic
    * Add support for more keyboard layouts to x11drv
    * Figure out what should be done for better support of Chinese, Korean, Japanese


    * Winsock1 calls,in particular select(),use direct system calls instead of using related wine APIs
    * More unit tests need to be written
    * Make sure OOB data is handled properly. Check client-size blocking.
    * WS2: Support other kind of services, like IrDA.
    * Fix stubs left in ws2_32.spec.


    * Make the latency configurable (tunable).
    * More intelligent prebuffering.
    * Complete support for hardware secondary buffers through the HAL 
     (for a future ALSA multimedia wave audio driver).
    * 3D sound buffers.
    * Sound capture (recording).

Sound drivers:

    * Alsa driver (on final 0.9 interface)


    * Implement native codecs (RLE...)

    * Write a DIB engine
    * DIB engine to do 32-bit graphics manipulation 


    * Add the MSC/PDB info support to gdb


    * Speed up PDB support 


    * Enhance memory management issues (interprocess sending)


    * Add a (n)curse backend so that we can run CUI programs without using USER32 (and X11 behind)

Native programs:

    * Winhelp: fix invocation thru WinHelp
    * Winedbg: make winedbg use dbghelp DLL

File management:

    * Implement NT file namespace
    * UNC support
    * Allow flexibility in FS "mounting" (for example, SMB shares)


    * Support for non-TT fonts (eg Type1, bitmap, ...)
    * Support for client side rendering on non-RENDER enabled XServers
    * Subpixel rendering - a.k.a. ClearType.
    * Integration with libfontconfig
    * Reduce per font startup time.
    * Libfontconfig support 


    * Write a printer configuation applet
    * Fix the Type1 font downloader for HP4000 printers


    * Wine installation process should install and configure wine
    * Winemaker fixes
    * Run C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
    * Compile Wine with -DSTRICT 
    * Work on WRC as it does not find system headers 


    * Write a proper Users Guide Introduction
    * Documentation updates

Aspect or Component:

    * More DLL Separation
    * Review of Wine Server Protocol
    * Finalize Server Protocol
    * PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) 
    * Visual C++'s native COM support 
    * Create replacement of browser component (Internet Explorer/I 

Porting issues for Mingw/Cygwin/MS_VC 

    * Better seperation of win16/32 code.
    * Remove/rewite win16/9x api dependancy on newer code
    * Remove/rewrite wineisms from code
    * Rewrite/fix unixisms in most WINE dlls 
    * Documentation fixes 

low priority items:

    * VxD support with dynamic loading

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