is winemaker working?

Michael Cardenas michaelc at
Tue Oct 1 19:58:30 CDT 2002

Hello all. 

I'm trying to compile a number of winelib programs that are part of
the lindows-wine package. 

To do so, I removed all the makefiles and make.rules files and
configure files, and ran 

winemaker --cuiexe .

from the directories containing the source for runonce, geticon, and

The resulting makefiles did compile, after changing the install target
to strip the .exe off of the names, but the applications do not
run. They look for <appname>.exe in C:\windows\system, but even if I put
the apps in that dir with that name, they still don't run and complain
tht they can't find <appname>.exe

So, is anyone using winemaker? Has anyone used it to make a simple
winelib app recently? Does it still work? There seem to have been a
lot of changes to the spec file format recently, which have probably
rendered it unusable. 



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