some rpcrt4 stuff

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Wed Oct 2 09:35:25 CDT 2002

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 08:49 am, Jrgen Schmied wrote:
> > Implementations of these and much more can be found in this patch
> > submission, which was apparently never applied:
> >
> Alexandre did not like the rpc-stuff in the server. I did start
> implementing the NT-LPC functions but I have not so much time at the moment
> so it will take a while.
> Nevertheless, large parts of the patch could be applied.
> juergen
> ---
> juergen.schmied at

are we allowed to merge in stuff from Rewind/Transgaming?
I thought no?  Anyhow, assuming it's OK, I'd be happy to
sort this out and produce a patch.

BTW, I've already noticed a mistake in my patch,
UuidIsNil should return true if the Uuid arg is NULL.

the above patch lacks UuidFromString, which
my patch provides (I "need" this).

UuidFromStringW should also be provided but I've no
knoweldge of how to work with widechar's in C; is there
somewhere in wine or elsewhere with good examples of
how to work with these?  My algo should basically work
if I just substitude "sscanf" with "swscanf", but I don't know
how to do the verification steps.  Thanks,


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