some rpcrt4 stuff, and some fun stuff...

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Wed Oct 2 10:46:55 CDT 2002

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 09:55 am, Ove Kaaven wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Greg Turner wrote:
> > On Wednesday 02 October 2002 08:49 am, Jrgen Schmied wrote:
> > > > Implementations of these and much more can be found in this patch
> > > > submission, which was apparently never applied:
> > > >
> > >
> > > Alexandre did not like the rpc-stuff in the server. I did start
> > > implementing the NT-LPC functions but I have not so much time at the
> > > moment so it will take a while.
> > > Nevertheless, large parts of the patch could be applied.
> > >
> > > juergen
> > >
> > >
> > > ---
> > > juergen.schmied at
> >
> > are we allowed to merge in stuff from Rewind/Transgaming?
> > I thought no?
> The license of ReWind is X11, which means that it can be freely merged
> from (although its copyright is now such that if someone do so without
> permission from its authors, the ReWind project must be credited in the
> Wine tree's license, which might have been a discouraging factor if any
> original work were to happen in there). But this patch was not extracted
> from ReWind, it was submitted to ReWind by me (not applied there either
> though), then adapted to Wine by Juergen, and we both think it's OK to put
> it into Wine.
> > the above patch lacks UuidFromString, which
> > my patch provides (I "need" this).
> No it doesn't, it has both UuidFromStringA and UuidFromStringW, take
> another look. (They're even used by RpcBindingFromStringBindingA/W.)

Right you are.

So, what says our fearless leader?  It seems unfortunate for all of this
hard work to go to waste.  Also, it's not like these are undocumented
or rarely-used API's, wine would probably benefit from these


Fun stuff:  I have recently had some smashing successes with wine.  
Word 2002, and even (with a native comctl32/commctrl; looks like some
undocumented wierdness going on with status bar in there...) Frontpage 2002 
seem to work (at a glance, with my recently submitted patch).  I did have to
do some serious hand-holding to bootstrap the installer.  But once it gets
going it more-or-less "just works."  Awesome.

Even more fun: I just tried the 1964 Nintendo 64 emulator under wine.  It
runs surprisingly well.  It's open source so it might be a good
target for more experimentation...  I used v. 0.84.


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