Patrik Stridvall ps at
Wed Oct 2 11:48:19 CDT 2002

> Szombathelyi György <gyurco at> writes:
> > And how about a configure option to enable it? Default 
> option would be only 
> > the platform specific code, but a user can enable libscg 
> with a compile time 
> > option, and will receive a warning message about the license. Is it 
> > acceptable? If it is, I will make a patch.
> I don't think that would necessarily solve the issue. Some would argue
> that the source itself is a derivative work that has to be under the
> GPL. 

But the SOURCE is already under the LGPL which is compatible with the
GPL so it doesn't matter if some part (whatever part) of the source
might be required to be under the GPL.

BINARIES might be required to be GPL:ed if and ONLY IF you enable the

So it not really a problem for Wine AFAICS.

> I don't want to debate the merits of that legal theory, 

Yes, we have debated this before. I know what you are going to answer,
and you probably know what I'm going to say in return, so let us
save the time and don't bother. :-)

> but I
> think it's better to avoid the issue completely.

SIGH. As you wish.

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