cursor:create_cursor ?

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Oct 2 11:55:34 CDT 2002

Nick wrote:
 > Hi,
 > fixme:cursor:create_cursor Currently no support for cursors with 10
 > bits per pixel
 > and similar messages are (seemingly) the only things preventing
 > Heroes of Might and Magic 2 from being fully playable. Is this
 > function really uncommonly used or something? It looks so basic...
 > Just wondering,

Take a look at the file dlls/x11drv/mouse.c, at the function
create_cursor(). Look at how the 8 bits per pixel cursors are done, and
do the same thing for 10 bits per pixel. Hopefully it should be fairly

If you don't think you are up to that, I can probably implement the 10
bit version sometime next week.

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