Still stumped... Re: What do you guys make of this?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Oct 3 09:27:08 CDT 2002

I think it can be possible.

One month ago I notice that winedbg has problems when reading the
process memory it tries to acess.
Let me show the problem I encounter :
- the windows program launched causes some error;
- winedbg launches;
- it tries to read a memory that is out of bounds;
- a 2nd winedbg launches, trying to debug the first;
- same error occurs (out of bound read);
- a 3d winedbg launches, being successfull to read the memory of the

Only wine code is used. (I defined all dll's built-in, and only
advapi32 is loaded when using winedbg)

> It's almost definitely a wine bug.  "args[2]" becomes nil, get's
> deferenced,
> and once the SIGSEGV handler starts running, it never gets back
> to any native dll's -- that is to say, the infinite recursion happens
> entirely within the wine codebase... SIGSEGV invokes wine handlers
> which then cause /another/ SIGSEGV, and so on.... shouldn't be 
> possible, right?

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