Need help interpreting debug log for Wine hard loop

Sean Millichamp sean at
Thu Oct 3 15:03:16 CDT 2002

I hope this isn't too off-topic for the wine-devel list but I asked for
debugging help on wine-users a couple of days ago and got no reply so
maybe that isn't the right place to ask about debugging help?  I bought
and use Codeweaver's Crossover product to drive Office and have fiddled
with Wine briefly on and off over the years but other then that I am
mostly a Wine newbie.

I am trying to make an old Windows 3.1 application work and it appears
to be causing Wine to go into a hard loop while loading.  For what it's
worth, this application is called "Travex" and is used in the health
care industry.  I think it uses the Win 3.1 era Borland GUI toolkit in
case it matters.

I followed the directions on the website for debugging and have a
--debugmsg warn+all +loaddll output that I only can vaguely interpret.

Wine enters the hard loop somewhere following the debug log.  I tried
debug logs at various other levels including a relay log/trace (though I
have no idea what it is) and +all and under those levels the same output
keeps getting outputted to the log as Wine loops.

I am not a Windows developer although I have done a little with C under
Linux.  Is there anyone who could help me figure out what is going
wrong?  I'd be happy to make the logs available for http or send them in
email.  Unfortunately, I can't provide the application itself due to
licensing issues (it's a commercial package).

I have tested it with Wine from RH 7.3, Wine from 10/01 CVS, and
Codeweavers Crossover Office 1.0 (just for kicks).  All three exhibit
the same behavior.  I tried the Wine from 10/01 in both Win98 and Win31
behavior mode.  No change.

The application runs just fine in Windows 98.  I installed it in my
fake_windows in Wine and have tried running it from there as well as my
real Windows partition.  No change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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