Need help interpreting debug log for Wine hard loop

Miguel Feitosa list at
Thu Oct 3 17:05:57 CDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 18:35, Sean Millichamp wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 17:03, Miguel Feitosa wrote:
> > I forgot to ask.
> > What are the DLLs that your app links?
> > It seems that your code is failing before mine.
> > Mine actually got to start drawing a window...and yours hasnt.
> > I was able to track done my erros to Borlands BWCC or something
> > like that .DLL
> Well... I'm not sure how to see what DLL the app links but I suspect it
> does need BWCC.  I looked and it was installed in C:\Windows\System on
> my fake_windows area.
I use +file and +dll [I think]
I've never done +loaddll
Do a simple grep in the wine src and you can see the channels that
> When I do a --debugmsg +loaddll I don't see any mention of bwcc.dll or
> any non-builtin DLL.  Is there a way I can force-load bwcc?  Is there
> some reason Wine wouldn't be loading it automatically?
No, wine loades DLLs very well.
I have never had any problems with that.

> Here are the DLLs that it's installer installed in Windows\System:
> bwcc.dll dewcc.dll dewsc.dll dewtc.dll winsys.dll
The only one I know is bwcc.dll
> I presume it needs all of them at some point but I see none of them in
> use with loaddll before the loop.  Do I need to configure this special
> in .wine/config?  I thought that it was supposed to know to auto-load
> them but....
No need to put them in config, they will be loaded, your 
app is failing before bwcc get's loaded...

> I'm sorry if these are simple questions.  I really appreciate you taking
> the time to try to help me.  If I don't get this working I will have to
> install Windows where the application is needed (currently it's all
> Linux) and I want to avoid that if possible.
No problem, I had to sort through all this too a couple months ago.
At the time I was trying to do this, I  seach alot and 
didnt find a whole lot about wine + Borland C...

I finally gave it up...

I believe that expert wine programmers with the relay can pinpoint the
issue that is bugging your app...8-)

> Thanks,
> Sean
See ya!

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