Regression Test - kernel atom test

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Oct 3 17:07:52 CDT 2002

"Alexandre Julliard" <julliard at> wrote:

> > Conformance test was run under Win98,Me and Windows 2000 and has been
> > fixed to produce 0 failures under win2000. Behaviour of some functions
> > is very different between 98/Me and 2000. Win98 and WinMe behave equally.
> There are still a number of failures under NT 4.

May I see a log? Do I need to fix them, or someone with NT4 around should
look at it?

> > I'm not sending it to wine-patches because I'm not sure that we need all
> > that tests for 98/Me and 2000 differences. In any case we will not be able
> > to emulate behaviour of all Windows platforms.
> I don't think we should try, or even test for it. If Windows behaves
> differently in all versions then we can behave as we like. And there
> is no point in adding tests for that, at least until we find an app
> that depends on the platform differences.

I asssume we should adhere win2000 behaviour. Am I right? I'll remove
redundant tests for unicode_OS and resubmit patch then.

One more question: should we add a point out in the test that tests are
platform specific?


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