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> Excellent! I've downloaded Xnews, it's perfect. Even more so that it
> stresses the heck out of REPORT mode, which I've worked quite a bit
> to optimize. Do you get the weird drawing problems when you browse
> the menus? Did you encounter it before?

If you mean the way it redraws only the part covered by the previous menu 
and blanks the rest of the window, that is new.  Also switching to and from 
virtual desktops (so the whole app is redrawn) sometimes gives you a blank 
window, but not always.  If you replace just listview.c with version 1.143, 
it should work normally.  It looks like LISTVIEW_InvalidateRect is doing 
the right thing, but something before it blanks the entire window first.  
To better see it, it may help to add this to xnews.ini under [Display]:
I'm eager to see if the performance improves after all your changes too.  
The app draws itself nearly instantaneously in Win98, but has always been 
sluggish in Wine and I could never figure out where the bottleneck was.

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