VB errors (treeview, debugger)

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Fri Oct 4 10:49:34 CDT 2002

Hi again

Problem 1:
I have found something strange in a VB app. If I run it with "wine vberror"
it works quite ok. But if I call it with "winedbg vberror" it freaks out on
pressing the button. Maybe it's a timing problem that an exception
couldn't be caught as wine could do it being faster.

Problem 2:
Quite simple to test: If I click in the treeview it disappears :)

Both problems can be tested with this little sample proggy:

I had to use the native oleaut32.dll as the builtin worked even worse
on the treeview. The rest is out of the (cvs-)box 20021004, SuSE 8.0


bye  Fabi

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