pain and agony... a +relay,+seh trace from my cxxexcept problem case:

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Sun Oct 6 18:43:36 CDT 2002

On Thursday 03 October 2002 05:51 pm, Greg Turner wrote:
> OK, here is what looks to me like the relevant stuff... I'm determined to
> get this fixed, I "need" this app (ya right... I've got vmware...)
> and so on.  What have we learned, except that StarTeam was probably
> written in Visual Basic?  Not sure.  I guess I need to focus on: "where are
> the NULL's passed to ThrowException coming from?"??  Or is there something
> more obvious going on here that I'm to ign'ant to grok?
> thanks for your help,...

Rolling around in CVS, I've discovered that StarTeam works until
this patch:

after that, it's broken, initially in a nicer way that doesn't involve
infinite recursion in the exception handlers (XBadRequest or
something like that, and a nice clean crash).  Not sure when it
makes the transition to utter chaos in the exception handling....

FYI, this is an MFC42 app, and the last thing it does before
TSHTF is to close down a dialog window in the WIZARD_97
style.  I had to use native comctl32/commctrl to use it at all,
(even when it worked otherwise, presumably because of the
WIZARD_97 business).  The patched code gets called during
the DestroyWindow processing; no failure occurs, however, until
control returns to StarTeam's "native" code.

still hoping for a magical fix from some wisened guru-type,


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