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Paul Rupe prupe at
Mon Oct 7 10:13:18 CDT 2002

On 06 Oct 2002, dpaun at wrote:

> Another rounds of cleanups
> ChangeLog
>   -- Cleanup of the way we maintain/lookup the item count
>   -- Rename GetItemWidth to CalculateMaxWidth
>   -- Misc trivial changes.

It looks like this one breaks Xnews again.  With CVS+L0+L1+L2+my patch, the 
listviews all display as blank.  A later patch adds a missing line 
"infoPtr->nItemCount = nItems;" in LISTVIEW_SetItemCount.  This fixes the 
display problem, but I am still unable to open any newsgroups.  
Highlighting one and hitting Enter gives me an error from the app "List 
index (-1) out of bounds," suggesting that it doesn't know that anything is 

L0 and L1 appear to be fine, but L2-L8 all have this behavior.

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