Major tidy up of Scroll.c to add foundations for flatscroll bars

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Oct 7 12:38:48 CDT 2002

"Andrew M. Johnston" <johnstonam at> writes:

>             controls.h  - improve the scroll bar nonclient separation
>             nonclient.c - remove NC_TrackScrollBar and use scrollbar WINAPI routine
>             scrollbar.c - complete rewrite using similar structure and logic
>                         - unified drawing code
>                         - simpler event processing logic
>                         - minimised drawing
>                         - better conformance to windows on LINEUP and LINEDOWN events

All the flat scrollbar stuff has nothing to do in scroll.c, the normal
scrollbars shouldn't need to know anything about flatsb at all. The
flatsb control should intercept messages it needs to change by
subclassing the windows, and call down to the normal scrollbar where

> Note: it is possible to split the scroll changes up into three consistent parts if
> really necessary

That would be nice. Also if you could avoid unnecessary changes like
renaming SCROLLBAR_INFO to SCROLL_INFO that would make it easier to
see what is really being changed.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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