Z_God zeldario at
Mon Oct 7 14:45:03 CDT 2002

Op maandag 7 oktober 2002 18:01, schreef steve.lustbader at
> ChangeLog (memory/codepage.c):
> Implement GetUserDefaultUILanguage
> Implement GetSystemDefaultUILanguage
> I implemented these functions in codepage.c since similar functions
> (GetDefaultLangID and GetDefaultLCID) were already there.  Why are
> these functions in this file, instead of in dlls/kernel/locale.c?
> It seems locales and languages aren't really implemented yet
> (just hardcoded to English) - is this going in for 1.0 or is it not planned
I often see Dutch stuff while using Wine (other than Dutch programs of 
course), so I don't think everything is hardcoded to english.

> for the immediate future?
> -Steve
> (See attached file: patch.diff)

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