automagical .sym symbol loading in winedbg?

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Tue Oct 8 00:27:24 CDT 2002

Is there any way to get winedbg to automagically load
.sym files from some particular directory?

winedbg> "symbolfile [full unix path of .sym file]/[filename.sym]"

it seems to work; but what a hassle!  All that crap is in
quite a lot to type over and over (yes, I have cut-and-paste
capabilities... but it still sucks).  I see it looking
for ".dbg" files but not ".sym".  I'm experimenting with
the Windows 98/98SE DDK symbol files, installed
into my fake_windows.

I also noticed _NT_SYMBOL_PATH references
floating around in there, but that's for ".pdb" files,
and unlikely to help, right?  Anyways, I tried it,
it doesn't help. :(


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