Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue Oct 8 04:00:11 CDT 2002

You see dutch because the english locales in many of our apps are marked 
as sublanguage "NEUTRAL" instead of "DEFAULT".

This causes a problem when your locale is not matched by any of the 
resources. Usually, English is picked as a fallback, but since the 
english resource is incorrectly defined, English is not matched either. 
As a second fallback, the first resource language is picked, which 
happens to be Dutch.

I fixed the problem for Notepad a while back 
( I 
fixed it only for the English locale there (the rest are not that 
important to my specific problem), but as far as I understand the 
matter, "DEFAULT" should be used for all lanugagues unless the sublang 
is important. If I understand correctly, sublang NEUTRAL should only be 
used when asking to perform a match, never when defining resources.

As an interesting anacdote, when loading resources with LANG_HEBREW, 
Visual Studio works great. It won't let you define such resources from 
the GUI, however. I always thought this was because they didn't want to 
support that language for some strange reason, until I tried loading 
resources from WINE that had languages only defined in WINE. Visual 
Studio kept complaining and wouldn't load the resources, despite the 
fact that the languages were defined as numbers and no symbols were missing.

Now I am confused regarding the reason that Visual Studio won't let me 
define Hebrew resources. It appears that it is aware of the language, 
but will not give it a GUI. A deliberate action? Just one more to life's 
little misteries.


Z_God wrote:

>Op maandag 7 oktober 2002 18:01, schreef steve.lustbader at
>>ChangeLog (memory/codepage.c):
>>Implement GetUserDefaultUILanguage
>>Implement GetSystemDefaultUILanguage
>>I implemented these functions in codepage.c since similar functions
>>(GetDefaultLangID and GetDefaultLCID) were already there.  Why are
>>these functions in this file, instead of in dlls/kernel/locale.c?
>>It seems locales and languages aren't really implemented yet
>>(just hardcoded to English) - is this going in for 1.0 or is it not planned
>I often see Dutch stuff while using Wine (other than Dutch programs of 
>course), so I don't think everything is hardcoded to english.
>>for the immediate future?
>>(See attached file: patch.diff)

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