jack audio driver

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 8 14:48:04 CDT 2002

Chris Morgan a écrit :
> I have an audio driver for the jack audio server,
> http://jackit.sourceforge.net.  This is a callback based server, so each time
> the server needs audio data it executes a client callback function.  I was
> wondering if there was any interest in having this driver as part of mainline
> wine code as an example of how to write a wine audio driver for a callback
> based architecture.
well, it depends what you look at
jack way well be the standardized API for audio application
interoperability on Linux
but, some folks may argue that arts may well become the same
as of today, I don't like the number of sound drivers that we already
have (OSS, alsa, arts, nas) just for linux
it, of course, reflects the mess in low level audio interface in linux
what I really fear is the real maintenance of those drivers
as of today, OSS is maintained, I cannot really tell the same for the
it's never a bad idea to share code, but I fear we're not going to be
able to maintain all the drivers (but we don't maintain them all today
so go for it
(sorry for thinking while writing ;-)

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