jack audio driver

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 8 15:21:10 CDT 2002

> It really is a mess.  It seems clear that we should do away for the most part with having applications interface directly with sound drivers like oss/alsa, and instead go through sound servers like arts/jack/etc.  In technical aspects a callback based architecture is far superior to a polling based architecture.  It has a lower latency and enforces a cleaner sound implementation on applications.  What I haven't seen yet is a widely used audio server that people agree upon.  Someone really needs to take the lead and start pushing a callback based sound server that is under active development(arts appears not to be) that is not kde/gnome specific.</rant>
for me, the decision item isn't technical beauty of an interface vs an
other, it's which API are currently widely spread and used
as of today, OSS is there and remain the most deployed (even distros now
ship with ALSA, most of them ship 0.5 interface (and better stay with
OSS than with this one); and the installed based is widely ALSA)

IMO, the only real choices are:
- short term OSS
- mid term: ALSA (to replace OSS)
- long term: what ever streaming API remains on Linux (I'd bet for jack)


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