AW: winedbg - walk wnd broken?

Roger Eisenecher roger.eisenecher at
Wed Oct 9 02:42:33 CDT 2002

> > I am using winedbg with the commands "walk wnd" or "info wnd <handle>". But unfortunately both functions seems to have
> problems to
> > retrieve the registered window classes. I get always the class "-- Unknown --" expect for the top window (desktop).
> >
> > Could some one explain me why this happen or if this is a known "feature" of winedbg?
> just because, as of today, windows classes are not stored in the server,
> so a process can only access (read/write) its own classes, while windows
> are shared in the server and we can read windows attributes from another
> process
> it's not a winedbg shortcoming, it's a user32 one

Okey that could be. But whats about tools like Spy++? They could also not retrieve the window classes but in windows that will work.
So I think there must be a way to retrieve the classes, or?

regards roger

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