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Wed Oct 9 09:42:34 CDT 2002

I'm using the latest cvs source (I update every day).  I tried
using a native advapi32 (from WinXP, which is all I have access
to), but that just resulted in lots of other problems (unimplemented
functions in ntdll.dll, etc.

When I try to run WinAmp, it exits immediately with that same error.
It doesn't run at all, unlike the installer, which runs but then ends
with the error (probably when it tries to run winamp itself).

Is it possible that sound isn't set up properly on my system?  I don't
really need sound on it, so I haven't played around with it too much.
It's just the normal Redhat 7.2 install, with whatever sound settings
it picked.  I can listen to mp3's with xmms, though.


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What version of wine did you use ?
With CVS of Oct 08, I install without problem.

 --- steve.lustbader at a écrit : > I started having a problem
with today's source that appears
> to be either registry or sound related.  When I tried to
> install Winamp (v 2.81 lite) in wine, I get this error:
> wine client error:8091280: sendmsg: Bad file descriptor
> Output from +reg,+relay ends with
> 08091280:Call
> ret=40977acc
> trace:reg:NtQueryValueKey (0x48,L"WaveMapper",2,0x406e2acc,256)
> wine client error:8091280: sendmsg: Bad file descriptor
> (the last 100 lines of the output can be seen at
> I tried getting rid of my ~/fake_c and ~/.wine directories
> and running wineinstall again, but that didn't help.
> -Steve

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