Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Wed Oct 9 11:05:33 CDT 2002

On October 9, 2002 05:00 am, Rein Klazes wrote:
> > Hm, I guess for that to work, the control must be LVS_OWNERDRAWFIXED,
> > in which case, it's the app that's failing. But since it works on
> > windows...
> It even works with wine and native comctl32...

Yeah, I though about it some more -- I think they are using custom draw,
but our is a bit broken now. Will fix. It's a minor nit, though.

> It is more difficult to explain then to see. I try another way:
> There are several listview controls in the main windowpane, you can
> select one using a tab control. This should make all the listviews
> exept the one that is at the front tab invisible. They are not: if one
> of the hidden listviews changes, the refresh is painted anyway.

It doesn't sound like a listview problem. More like somethig for
Alexandre to look at <g>.

> - in the left pane you should be able to drag and drop the subscribed
> news groups to re-order them. That does not work.

I haven't looked at all at drag and drop. Not at the top of my TODO list.

> - mouse wheel does not work. It doesn't work with native comctl32
> either, it may not be listview related at all.

Think so to, there is support for it in the code, IIRC.


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