Problems with multiple Wine programs at once

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Wed Oct 9 19:09:06 CDT 2002

I have the misfortune of needing to use Windows based DSP compilers for 
a project I am working on. Fortunately, they run under Wine just fine.

So, the actual makefile is executed by a native GNU/Linux make, but the 
compile and assemble parts are Windows programs running under Wine 
(using Linux's binfmt_misc to launch them.)

If I do a normal make, all is well. However, if I try to do a "make -j2" 
then after a few moments all the wine processes will freeze. Doing a ps 
-o wchan shows all the wine processes stuck in pipe_wait, and the 
wineserver process in do_poll.

Has any body else seen this sort of behavior?

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