Exception with ocx not caught

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Thu Oct 10 07:36:29 CDT 2002


I already posted about this problem, now maybe someone else is able
to help me.

Creating ocx:

Catching MFC exception:

I now have a simple ocx and an exe that has nothing else than this ocx
in it. The ocx appears as black circle on white ground in the upper left
corner (right, the wizard made ocx) In Windows it works without a
problem but in wine there's an exception upon creating the ocx. It
happens with both builtin and native msvcrt.dll. I can see that some
exceptions are raised about missing properties in the ocx, they also
appear on Windows (debug output) and get caught before doing any
I sometimes had problems reproducing it. Then the dialog came up but
without ocx.

Both exe and ocx are made with MSVC6 (Project and binaries,


Also here is a backtrace at the moment of the exception:


Alexandre once asked for an example, maybe he or someone else
can use this here.
I'm using actual wine from cvs on SuSE8, original dlls tried from NT4.


bye  Fabi

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