Load .so error

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Thu Oct 10 09:18:58 CDT 2002

> > > > new PC. The Windows dll was MyDll.dll which I turned now into a .so.
> > > > ELF_LoadLibraryExA is looking for a libMyDll.so but returns with
> > > > error=2.
>Rename your library to libmydll.so (all lower case) and try again.
>Wine will not load any Winelib library containing any non-lower-case

Actually it does quite well. The name MyDll comes out of the exe, it's
wine that turns this into libMyDll.so (and not libmydll.so). My makefile
generated .so was named libmydll.so and I had to rename it to mixed case
for wine/Linux to find it. But then it worked fine.
My last problem I had was that I just copied the existing libMyDll.so from
my old computer to the new one. Apparently this is not enough, I had to do
a make install (whatever this does besides copying) then it worked also on
the new pc. But I still wonder what this error=2 is...

But thanks for trying to help.

bye  Fabi

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