focus and auto-raise

Thorsten Kranzkowski tki at
Thu Oct 10 04:13:37 CDT 2002

We're running quite successful the Lotus Notes Client under wine here.
However there's one entry on my wishlist:

Would it be possible to teach wine to _not_ auto raise windows when they get

We're using wine in managed mode so that it is possible to use several
desktops etc. We prefer to use focus-when-mouse-enters-window mode but without
automatically raising the windows. Unfortunately wine raises itself when
it's getting focus. This leads to some undesireable effects like garbled
popup-windows (when focus switches for the fraction of a second to the
underlying main window - not much but enough to redraw the background) or
oscillations (two main windows are on top of each other, due to 'lucky'
timing and not being able drawing fast enough the lower window gets focus -
so it gets raised and during drawing the new lower one gets focus ...)

These effects are greatly reduced by using click-to-focus mode, but we don't
want that :-)

BTW: Many thanks for working printer support!


PS: please CC: me on reply

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