Scrollbar clean up part 1

Andrew M. Johnston johnstonam at
Thu Oct 10 05:43:43 CDT 2002

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002 04:27, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> I still don't see much reason for renaming these things, but if you
> really want to do it, again a separate patch with just that change
> would be nicer.

will send this as a separate patch shortly

> Your patch
> breaks the scrollbars in notepad for me, but there are so many
> irrelevant differences that finding the bug is a lot more painful than
> it should be.

I assume that you mean that the tracking was not working correctly this was
due to the change

     if ((info->fMask & SIF_TRACKPOS) && (info->cbSize == sizeof(*info)))
-        info->nTrackPos = (SCROLL_TrackingWin == WIN_GetFullHandle(hwnd)) ? SCROLL_TrackingVal : infoPtr->curVal;
+       info->nTrackPos = infoPtr->curVal;

It can be removed by patch 4 but not at this stage.

I apologise although I played with the whole set of changes for hours looking at all sorts of corner cases,
when I split the patch up I simply checked that it compiled and then used notepad and the file dialog in
particular to check that it looked ok and responded to mouse events etc.

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