building ntdll on cygwin

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Fri Oct 11 01:52:01 CDT 2002

I will try to do more testing tommrow. It seem's Xfree 
Package is hosed atm and i am short on time

> Funny, I still get the --enable-auto-import problem with ./configure 
> --disable-win16 with the latest CVS.
> I've even tried ./configure --disable-win16 --with-x=no to make sure 
> it wasn't X that was producing the problem
> I did a make clean and make distclean before updating CVS and running 
> configure and make so I can't
> see why a patch that fixes it for you doesn't fix it for me...
> I'm using the latest cygwin gcc 3.2 (20020818) so maybe this is the 
> problem? Are you using gcc 2.96 still?
> I'm just trying compiling under mingw to see if I get any different 
> results... 

You might be interested in this if you want to add remote X11 support to 
a Windows Desktop. Take a look at

Getting X11Drv and gdi going might not be to hard but if you guys ever 
want to get Wineserver going, cygwin still needs to implement send/recv 
msg. I am glad that others are interested in this so I would love to 
help any way I can.

> By the way the reason for gdi and x11drv is an idea that came up on 
> the cygwin-xfree86 mailing list that
> led to a project called XOpenWin (
> Basically it's still very investigative but the idea is that if we 
> could port the Wine x11drv to cygwin,
> we could make standard Windows GDI applications run in X Windows under 
> cygwin. This leads to a whole
> lot of very interesting possibilities...
> I've got all the source for x11drv compiling under cygwin, but linking 
> is a problem.
> However in order to get it to actually work it would probably mean 
> extracting a lot of the wine stuff out
> (for that reason the code in the XOpenWin CVS doesn't compile at all 
> as it's heading in that direction)
> I'm sure this project would be interesting both to ReactOS and to 
> other people in the wine-dev mailing list so that's
> why I mention it here (I was waiting until we got stuff compiling)...

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