Changes in Bitmap behaviour

Duane Clark dclark at
Sat Oct 12 12:29:23 CDT 2002

Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> Hallo,
> Xilinx webpack 4.2 running with native Common Controls shows an artefact in
> the display of bitmaps associated with the listview widget. This behaviour
> changed with by Michael Stefaniuc
> <mstefani at>, but still is not right. Appended I have jpegs of the
> error.
> The first file (comctl32-builtin.jpeg) shows the behaviour with builtin
> commctl32, which looks good.
> The second file (comctl32-native-prepatch.jpeg) shows the behaviour with
> todays cvs, Michael's patch reversed and native comctl32/commctrl (NT4). We
> get a discontinous black background of the bitmap
> The last file (comctl32-native-prepatch.jpeg) is with native
> comctl32/commctrl (NT4) and todays unmodified cvs version. No we have a all
> black background.

I have seen similar symptoms in other applications, all of which used to 
be fine. In one case, the background shifts through interesting 
psychedelic colors as I move the mouse around, so I did not necessarily 
consider this a bug :-)

I found that the patch that broke it was one of the comctrl patches of 
9/11/02. I think it was this one:

I figured since Dimitri was still going strong on this comctrl stuff 
(does he ever sleep?), it would eventually get fixed.

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