a very unimportant listview nit

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sat Oct 12 19:10:11 CDT 2002

static LRESULT LISTVIEW_GetColumnWidth(LISTVIEW_INFO *infoPtr, INT nColumn)
    INT nColumnWidth = 0;
    HDITEMW hdi;

    TRACE("nColumn=%d\n", nColumn);

    switch(infoPtr->dwStyle & LVS_TYPEMASK)
    case LVS_LIST:
        nColumnWidth = infoPtr->nItemWidth;
    case LVS_REPORT:
        hdi.mask = HDI_WIDTH;
        if (Header_GetItemW(infoPtr->hwndHeader, nColumn, &hdi))
            nColumnWidth = hdi.cxy;
        /* we don't have a 'column' in [SMALL]ICON mode */

gcc3.2 tells me this is depreciated "label at end of compount statement".
IOW, I presume it wants a "break;" after the "default:" label.


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