Changes in Bitmap behaviour

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun Oct 13 06:27:20 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Dimitrie" == Dimitrie O Paun <dpaun at> writes:

    Dimitrie> On October 12, 2002 01:29 pm, Duane Clark wrote:
    >> I found that the patch that broke it was one of the comctrl patches
    >> of 9/11/02. I think it was this one:

    Dimitrie> I thought that was the case, but I can not reproduce it
    Dimitrie> here....  Can you try the patch below and (1) tell me if that
    Dimitrie> fixes it, and if not, can you send me the generated trace?

This drifted away from my original posting. I talked about _native_ comctl32
showing problems with bitmaps, and the behaviourt changes with the patch I
mentioned in my original posting.

Now we are talking about _builtin_ comctl32...

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