wine/dlls/avifil32: implemented many functions

Michael Guennewig MichaelGuennewig at
Sun Oct 13 07:19:31 CDT 2002

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> writes:

> "Michael GXnnewig" <MichaelGuennewig at> wrote:
>> So I have adjusted to use this:
>> static const WCHAR dotW = (WCHAR)'.';
>> The it compiles and works also for my. Is this okay?
> No.


> Look at other places in Wine source how to do it properly.

Okay I have done a

  find . -name '*.c' | xargs fgrep strchrW

and have found these variations:
| ./controls/menu.c:                      p = strchrW (p + 2, '&');
| ./dlls/comctl32/comctl32undoc.c:  return strchrW(lpStart, wMatch);
| ./dlls/comctl32/comctl32undoc.c:    if( strchrW(lpSet, *(WORD*)lpLoop))
| ./dlls/msvcrt/dir.c:  if ((ptr = strchrW(path, (WCHAR)L':')) != (WCHAR)L'\0')
| ./dlls/shlwapi/url.c:               mp = strchrW(wk1, L'/');

Variant 1: use simply a char, let compiler auto-convert to WCHAR
Variant 2: use a WORD
Variant 3: use L'.' construct and cast to WCHAR
Variant 4: use L'.' construct

What's the correct way now? Is it documentat anywhere, I haven't found
it in the docu from the CVS.

  Michael Günnewig

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