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Sun Oct 13 08:30:49 CDT 2002

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 12:13:48PM +0200, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
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> Xilinx webpack 4.2 running with native Common Controls shows an artefact in
> the display of bitmaps associated with the listview widget. This behaviour
> changed with by Michael Stefaniuc
> <mstefani at>, but still is not right. Appended I have jpegs of the
> error.
> The first file (comctl32-builtin.jpeg) shows the behaviour with builtin
> commctl32, which looks good.
> The second file (comctl32-native-prepatch.jpeg) shows the behaviour with
> todays cvs, Michael's patch reversed and native comctl32/commctrl (NT4). We
> get a discontinous black background of the bitmap
> The last file (comctl32-native-prepatch.jpeg) is with native
> comctl32/commctrl (NT4) and todays unmodified cvs version. No we have a all
> black background.
Well, the only real changes in the patch are in windows/cursoricon.c and
the move the implementation of ExtractAssociatedIcon16 to
ExtractAssociatedIconA. The rest are only explicit handle conversions
that were done implicitly before by the compiler.
Could you please revert only the changes in windows/cursoricon.c and see
it that fixes your problem?

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