OpenGL textures are wrong under HalfLife

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Sun Oct 13 11:36:39 CDT 2002

My old motherboard died, and so I upgraded from a single P3 to a dual P3 
system. I went to run HalfLife, which had been running beautifully under 
Wine, and now all the wall textures are screwed up. There is nothing of 
the proper textures in them - it's not like the colors are screwed up, 
more like the actual data is screwed up.

However, it IS consistent from run to run - the same patterns on the 
same vertexes each time.

The various "humans" in the level are fine - it is just the environment 
that is screwed.

This is running the OpenGL setting in HL - I thought I'd try the DirectX 
setting, but all I get there is "This is not supported by your card".

Now, I have upgraded XFree to the latest CVS pull, I rebuilt my kernel, 
and upgraded Wine, so it COULD be any of the above. However, I pulled an 
older version of Wine from another machine with the same results.

Native GL programs like Q3A, RTCW, and UT all look fine, so the native 
GL layer is running well.

Could this be an artifact of SMP? Or is there something that Wine does 
differently in accessing the GL libraries from a native app that would 
explain this?

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