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On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, [koi8-r] äÉÍÁ óÕÚÄÁÌÅ× wrote:

> Thanks, Martin.
> And what about first part? Can anyone explain me what does it mean:
> fcntl: /tmp/.wine-USER/server-xxxx-xxxx/lock: Invalid argument
> This error pops up even if I log in as root.
> I've checked this directory: there was the file "lock" and it had zero
> length.

root does not get to do operations the filesystem dos not support.
I already told you once, if you try to run wine on a ZipSlack or similar
system with a [v]fat or umsdos root filesystem you will get this error.

try having root run this:

touch /usr/local/dose
/sbin/mke2fs -F /usr/local/dose 16384
/bin/mount -o loop /usr/local/dose /tmp
chmod a+rwxt /tmp

depending on your mailer, you might need to run it through fromdos

tr -d "\r" <mailfile >commandfile

and make it executable:

chmod a+x commandfile

I don't have a ZipSlack system to test on, but that should get around
that problem, so maybe we can go on to the next.


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