fixed building unter native WIN32 and display of filenames in tree pane

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Mon Oct 14 19:06:45 CDT 2002

On Monday 14 October 2002 13:03, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> The patch mostly removes stuff. What substitutes the replaces stuff?
> Please explain.

Last week I downloaded the current wine version.
I was a bit surprised, when noticing, my winefile implementation of 2000 has 
been finally included in the packet.   :-)

So I tried it - and found a few bugs. Now I want to remove them.

The Resources in "rsrc.rc" are duplicate. You can find the same in the file 
"resource.rc" (IDB_TOOLBAR, IDB_DRIVEBAR, ...).
So I just removed one instance.

The changes in "winefile.c":

It seems, there was introduced a bug, when including winefile in the wine 
source tree. There eas removed the C++-style struct-initialisation,
and replaced by C-style initialisation. The little difference is:
My orginal code did set any not explicitely initialialised member of 
DRAWITEMSTRUCT to zero. The patch now re-includes this. (in C-style)

The last few changes are for being able to compile the code with VC++ under 
native WIN32. This compiler needs the include file <malloc.h> for declaration 
of alloca().

[If you want to compile it with VC++, you need some more files:
drivebar.bmp, images.bmp, toolbar.bmp, winefile.ico, winefile.dsp, 



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