Second Listview status update

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Oct 14 23:39:43 CDT 2002


The listview should now be better than before I started working on it.
If there are regressions, I would like to know about them.

During my work, the REPORT mode got a lot faster rendering. The Q-series
patches undoes partly those speed enhancements. However, the situation
is temporary, and when I'm done with it, we'll have pretty much as fast
a rendering as possible. 

For this to happen, I need to do a bit more infrastructure work. 
Namely, we have to keep track of column information, such as rect, 
alignment, etc. This will no only speed up report rendering,
it will allow us to have icons for subitems as well (most of the work
for this is actually done, I just need a place to put the on/off flag).

Once this is done, we can start working on actually adding features.
And there are a _lot_ of features that we're missing. But this is
another story! :) My aim here is to bring the listview to a solid
foundation that can take all these new features without turning it
into something (1) buggy, (2) unmanageable, and (3) slow.

There is one more infrastructure bit that may need to be done. That
is, we may need to keep an ordered array of item positions in
LVS_{,SMALL}ICON modes. Currently, we don't have something like this,
and as a result we need to iterate over the entire item set in
the above mentioned modes. This works for a small number of items,
but when we have 10s of thousands, or millions, or what have you of
items, it will blow chunks. The good thing is that all the iterator
work that I've done lately nicely separates all these details away
from the code. So it can wait for now.

So once again, I am interested to hear about regressions. I think
the code reached a state where we can concentrate on cleaning up
our act, before adding new features.


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