keyboard errors

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Tue Oct 15 05:44:34 CDT 2002

On Tuesday 15 October 2002 02:04, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Rizsanyi Zsolt" <rizsanyi at> wrote:
> > I have looked at 'X11/keysymdef.h' to determine the meaning of the third
> > byte (0xff00) of the KeySym, and built a confversion map to a windows
> > codepage.
> >
> > If a codepage is found, then it is used in a MultiByteToWideChar to
> > convert the last byte of KeySym.
> >
> > And it works.
> > Tested with Hungarian, Serbian (cirillic) and Croatian (latinic - else
> > same as serbian) keyboards, and it works perfectly.
> > But it should work with all of them...
> Even if it works for you, it's not the right fix. Hopefully support for
> dead keys and correct translation of X key events will be merged from CX
> Office CVS soon...

It's nice to hear. It would even be nicer if I could here about that earier 
(like before I started to hack on this issue).

Besides when will be that 'soon'?


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