fixed building unter native WIN32 and display of filenames in tree pane

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Tue Oct 15 09:08:47 CDT 2002

Hello Martin,

> Last week I downloaded the current wine version.
> I was a bit surprised, when noticing, my winefile implementation of 2000 has 
> been finally included in the packet.   :-)

I resubmitted your Winefile code because I wanted to use it on the ReactOS project and I knew you
really wanted it included in the wine tree. I have tried to email you a few times over the past
year but always got bounced messages back. Good to hear you are still around.

> [If you want to compile it with VC++, you need some more files:
> drivebar.bmp, images.bmp, toolbar.bmp, winefile.ico, winefile.dsp, 
> winefile.dsw]

I have not tried yet but Patrik has been working on the MS_VC port of WINE so fixing Winefile for
MS_VC is needed. You can either feed the WINE resources to wrc then to the Windows resource
compiler or you can convert the WINE resources back to normal binary bitmaps using bin2res.

Feature request: get double click launching working =)


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