OpenGL Detection & Keyb Problems

Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer_e1 at
Tue Oct 15 05:53:56 CDT 2002


I wrote some mails about 3 months ago concerning getting starsiege tribes to 

Due to your help it's playable under wine when using a native (dx5-dx6) 
dinput.dll, Although the opengl mode cannot be used in game.

My questions are following:

How can a game actually detect if OpenGL is availabel?
I'm not exactly understanding how tribes fail to see my opengl support when 
other games and demos work fine.

I've read alot of other games suffering from the "touch the keyb and game 
quits" bug, but so far neither Winex or Wine has found any solution. Does 
anyone else know anything about this bug? native Dinput.dll does make it 
playable but it's not a valid solution in the long run.

This is my output while starting tribes:
(running Wine Tribes.exe, all builtin)

fixme:console:SetConsoleCTRLHandler (0x60a620,1) - no error checking or 
testing yet
(this=0,40291d88,0x50ec98,0x48e09980,0000000): stub!
fixme:dsound:IDirectSound3DListenerImpl_CommitDeferredSettings stub
(last repeated forever)

Any ideas?

Best wishes

Oh, btw i just want to thank the people that fixed the AC97 bug concerning 
adjusting freq, did alot for me =)

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