Wine does not see any printers available - using cupsys

Dan Fer ezra_daniel at
Tue Oct 15 08:02:22 CDT 2002

>I have tried two daily deb's  from  October 1st and October the 13th and 
>while I am using Lotus Notes (the only windows app I run). If I go to print 
>dialog and try selecting a printer it says no printers available.
>I am using a cupsys server and the client from debian woody packages. I 
>have configured it correctly and can print normally from linux native apps 
>through my cupsys server.
>I have read in wine documenatition that cupsys printers are automatically 
>detected but Notes keeps saying there are no printers available.
>Since I am pretty new I am a bit lost in the line of investigating this 
>problem. Can anyone confirm me is this is a bug and how to solve it? Or if 
>I need to add anything or erase anything from the wine config file?
>Running with with default options does not give any usefull error related 
>to a printing error. any options I can use to help you guys know what is my 
>Thanks in advance


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