Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Tue Oct 15 14:26:17 CDT 2002

Hello Steven!

> I resubmitted your Winefile code because I wanted to use it on the ReactOS
> project and I knew you really wanted it included in the wine tree. I have
> tried to email you a few times over the past year but always got bounced
> messages back. Good to hear you are still around.

Mmmh - did you use the correct address?

> > [If you want to compile it with VC++, you need some more files:
> > drivebar.bmp, images.bmp, toolbar.bmp, winefile.ico, winefile.dsp,
> > winefile.dsw]

> I have not tried yet but Patrik has been working on the MS_VC port of WINE
> so fixing Winefile for MS_VC is needed. You can either feed the WINE
> resources to wrc then to the Windows resource compiler or you can convert
> the WINE resources back to normal binary bitmaps using bin2res.

Since I converted the resource files in the opposite direction - from windows 
to wine, I already have the files. If you're interested: I have attached a 
archive containing them.
In fact, I wrote most of the program using the MSDEV IDE, and then ported it 
to wine.

> Feature request: get double click launching working =)

I think, this will not be too difficult. Calling ShellExecute() should do the 
trick. (Supposing ShellExecute already works ;-)
I will try to implement the feature.


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