please don't apply RPC Merge D_PL1

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Tue Oct 15 19:15:29 CDT 2002

On Tuesday 15 October 2002 01:50 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Greg Turner <gmturner007 at> writes:
> > Well, if this were a democracy, I'd vote with Ove on this; his
> > off-the-cuff implementation might not be the right one, but /something/
> > ought to be doable to preserve source-compatibility...
> There's no point in doing anything until we know what compatibility
> problem we need to solve. But if the MIDL generated code requires
> something like Ove's fix, then that's of course a very good reason for
> including it.

hey, I just looked through the gcc info pages and found -fpcc-struct-return,
which seems to adress this problem.  does this exist in older gcc's?  If so,
wouldn't it solve this problem universally?


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