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Wed Oct 16 05:23:05 CDT 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002 00:39:43 -0400, you wrote:

> So once again, I am interested to hear about regressions. I think
> the code reached a state where we can concentrate on cleaning up
> our act, before adding new features.

OK, here is the status for newsbin. All relative to the status that I
reported before. 

For the sake of this report there are two listviews: one filled with
newsgroups the other with messages. The actions that I like to do is
1) select a newsgroup with left button click on de group listview 2)
call up a context menu and choose retrieve messages 3) see the message
listview getting populated. As an alternative to 2) I can double click
or use the main menu.

Here are the changes observed with the different revisions of

rev 1.199 Right click to get context menu doesn't work anymore;
rev 1.200 The message listview doesn't get populated anymore. From the
flickers it looks like message are added and almost immedeately
removed again.
rev 1.205 Right click works again (see r 1.199)
rev 1.206 Left clicks now bring up the context menu. More over instead
of selecting one, two groups get selected (the other one is 14 lines
below the pointer psoition)
rev 1.207 Selection isn't hightlighted anymore
rev 1.208 Selection highlighting works again.
rev 1.210 After step 2) the group listview clears and the program
crashes, details below.

Upto 1.230 (== current cvs) I haven't seen any changes yet. The R
patches appear to solve the selection issues, but not the crash is
still there and the latest (R3) introduces a new crash long before any
window is drawn. No details of this yet.

Details of the crash in current cvs:

| Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x245c8b73 in 32-bit code (0x004092ed).
| In 32-bit mode.
| 0x004092ed (nbpro.exe..text+0x82ed in H:\binw\nbpro\nbpro.exe): call	*0x20(%eax)
| Backtrace:
| =>0 0x004092ed (nbpro.exe..text+0x82ed in H:\binw\nbpro\nbpro.exe) (ebp=00409180)
|   1 0x0c43f608 (_end+0x43e3e8c) (ebp=245c8b53)
| *** Invalid address 0x245c8b53 (LIBFILTER.DLL..reloc+0x14585b53)

Message log +relay,+listview (950 KB) is on

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