Unhandled exception

boci at coder.hu boci at coder.hu
Wed Oct 16 08:10:32 CDT 2002

>     boci> Hello!  I try to run many program (example Photoshop 6,
> Worms
>     boci> World Party...)  But the wine say: wine: Unhandled
> exception,
>     boci> starting debugger...  I don't know what is the problem. 
> Please
>     boci> help.
> Please help us to help you.
> Search the web for other people reporting wine problems, look whta
> information they provided and how the answer is worked out.

I search and found many information about these error, but I not found
answare. I use gentoo linux from cvs winex and wine 20020904 but all
version result is unhandled exception.
I recompiled wine with debug but the the trace debugmessage is biger
than 1G, when I din't use trace option the result is only one line
(unhandled exception...). I try all version of wine for start Photoshop
but all version give back unhandled exception message.


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